White Cloud Cigarettes Coupon

White Cloud Cigarettes Coupon


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White Cloud cigarettes have become the talk of town, mainly because of its eclectic make. The logic is to keep the design similar to traditional cigarettes to facilitate chain smokers to make the switch. The invention was done by a Hong Lik in China a decade ago in 2003. The eventual process is quite fascinating and makes ‘vaping’ a hot trend.

Electronic cigarettes are different from traditional cigarettes owing to the simple fact that it doesn’t lead to cancer. The amount of nicotine is negligible (10% of the amount in regular cigarettes). There is no carcinogen barring miniscule amount of nitrosamines. There is no combustion involved, thus restoring parity for your lips.

Graded White Cloud electronic cigarettes have almost identical design. It comprises of three essential parts. The first is cartridge that holds the e-juice. E-juice contains water, Propelyne Glycol, nicotine and a flavor essence (menthol etc.). It forms and substitutes the stub of a traditional cigarette, which you keep between your lips. It is also a bit squishy to give the feeling of pressurization. In some e-cigarettes, this pressure activates the sensor. In other version, there is a small button to trigger the process. White Cloud cigarettes coupon makes trying electronic cigarettes a real no-brainer.

The second part is its battery, which incorporates the longer part of a cigarette. Of course, it simulates the rolled paper part of the regular cigarette. The atomizer (its third component) sends micro electronics to initiate battery movement and the heat released vaporizes the E-juice. Propylene Glycol helps carry the flavor and ensure the process at lower temperature. There is a LED light in front that glows red (again to simulate the actual blaze). It indicates the time period that you should inhale. There are two holes in the cartridge; one for inhalation of nicotine and the other to emit vapor. Nitrosamines are added to grant a slight color to the vapor.

Generally, lithium-ion battery are used which last long and do the job well. However, some cheap versions use other semi-conductors to bring the price down and, in effect, worsen the process. There are regular complaints about the charging and early demise of such batteries. Some White Cloud electronic cigarettes come with a single-hole technology. Moreover, reputed brands ensure regulation of e-juice. The nicotine content is calibrated in these cigarettes to pass muster.

The LED light, squishiness of the cartridge and inhalation of nicotine are identical patterns in both regular and electronic cigarettes. These persuade chain smokers to switch to electronic cigarettes. Most smokers catch the habit of holding something between their lips, and this way, White Cloud cigarettes fulfill their desire. The inhalation and exhalation are also there. Yet, the danger element is whisked off through removal of carcinogens and paper. Even the neighbors don’t mind affected by what is largely water vapor. While cigarettes have been weakening people and lowering their mortality, electronic cigarette is free of such effects, unless you take to it like a fish. Thus, White Cloud e cig have made impressive progress almost to the extent that they have nurtured critics (FDA).